Uncover Switzerland’s most enigmatic murder cases with our riveting investigative true crime podcasts

Podcast 'The Crystal Cave Murders'

Season 1 – The Crystal Cave Murders

Embark on an investigative true crime podcast exploring one of Switzerland’s most mysterious, horrific, and perplexing unsolved murder cases. This chilling cold case continues to stir and baffle a nation even four decades later. The crime shattered a once peaceful and quaint village and its surrounding region overnight, plunging it into a traumatic state that reverberates to this day.

Listen to all Episodes on any platform of your preference and get hooked to this mysterious Swiss crime story.
Podcast 'The Crystal Cave Murders'

Season 2 – The Seewen Murder Mystery

A gripping true crime podcast delving into Switzerland’s most talked-about and perplexing murder case. Five family members ruthlessly murdered in cold blood, executed with chilling precision. Shot at point-blank range in the forehead, none of the victims resisted or attempted to escape. This crime bears a haunting resemblance to a Mafia contract killing, and its motives continue to elude the police, shrouded in mystery to this day.

Listen to all Episodes on any platform of your preference and get hooked to this mysterious Swiss crime story.
Rudolph Isler

Rudolph Isler


I am an independent producer, documentary filmmaker and the owner of Playground Media Productions, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Given the substantial shifts within the film industry in recent years, I made the choice to venture into the production of true crime podcasts. Despite my limited experience, but with the encouragement and support from friends and family I explored the fascination of this emerging media. With a longstanding passion for true crime, I have launched THE SWISS MURDER MYSTERIES, an investigative true crime channel. A podcast platform that delves into a collection of meticulously researched true crimes that have unfolded in Switzerland, a country known for its seemingly serene and secure environment.

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