Amazing work Rudolph!!

I very rarely write reviews for podcasts that I listen to but felt compelled to give a 5 star rating and a short review. The storytelling in this podcast was top-notch and I really hope that Mr. Isler continues to make additional podcasts. The story was told in a very clear and concise manor and clearly showed a level of respect and compassion for the victims and their families and friends. This should be the standard for any true crime podcast creators, but sadly all too often other podcasts tend to end up not providing clear details and focusing more on commercial breaks and banal chatter. Again, I want to thank you for your time and effort you put forward in producing and researching this podcast!

R. Brent E from United States, Mar 15, 2024 via Apple Podcasts


Top notch investigative journalism. I wish there was more!

NormaJo 345 from United States, Dec 11, 2023 via Apple Podcasts


Although a True Crime, this podcast managed to make me smile a lot. With its brilliant observations of typically Swiss situations and the excellent use of the the dry English language it was a pure treat. I was sad when it ended! Highly recommended.

Karincuk from Israel 5:57 am (EDT), August 26, 2023 via Apple Podcasts

Refreshing Crime Podcast

I’m really happy that I came across this podcast it is different and refreshingly so. I love the narrator’s dulcet voice. The story was very interesting and it keeps you guessing, just when you say to yourself ha! Guilty it moves on to a different suspect person and you think ah! Guilty. I’m afraid you are going to have to listen to it yourself to find out if the suspect was indeed whom the narrator thought it might have been or someone that didn’t even come under the radar to someone all together in plain sight. Such a good podcast and I could listen to the narrator all night. The tale is one I’ve never heard of before. So many people were touched by what happened here and to this day some still suffer. And oh my god don’t we all wish the German Shepherd could talk?

$4RA 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 from the United Kingdom 7:58 am (EDT), August 16, 2023 via Apple Podcasts

I’ve just subscribed and I’m now binging!

I really like the storytelling style because has all the desirable features an ideal
Podcast should have: no banter, a thoroughly researched case told with care and
Precision in clearly-enunciated English. Th interview excerpts are carefully woven
Into the story as not to break the narration flow.
A lot of work went into creating and producing this podcast and it undoubtedly shows.
Well done!

August 14, 2023 via Apple Podcasts

A great story teller

I enjoyed this podcast, I’ve listened to so many true crime podcasts I’ve started to become bored of the genre, little grabs me anymore unless it’s in-depth investigations, and I’ve never liked podcasts that laugh and banter over other peoples misery, or ones that focus on grisly details. This one felt different, listening to Rudolph was like settling into a big comfy armchair around a crackling fire at the end of the day with a hot chocolate and your favourite uncle saying “ok now let’s begin, ill tell you a story of something that happened here a long time ago.” He is a great story teller, I love his accent, and you can hear the sadness and compassion in his voice as he recounts the events and the people surrounding them. It’s a tragic story, and it’s important to have people like Rudolph keeping the story alive by sharing and delving into all the evidence and possible scenarios. Good work, thank you.

lufycs from the United Kingdom 7:47 am (EDT), August 8, 2023 via Apple Podcasts


I am really enjoying this true crime podcast. Really well told and narrated. Very compelling story. Highly recommend!

TEERO10 via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·07/24/2023

Solid True Crime Drama

A friend recommended this true crime to me and my wife and I listened to it on a recent car trip. Great story telling. We’re excited for the next installment.

Travel tee via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·07/24/2023

Fascinating true crime story made all the more so by its unlikely setting

I’d love this podcast even if it was about a murder in the US or some other country where crime is rife. That it’s about a crime committed in the beautiful alpine landscape of rural Switzerland makes it all the more intriguing. The fact that the murders of the title are so unusual, were of two innocents and are still unsolved so many years later adds to the mystery. This is no rehashing of a well known event with a foregone conclusion. The fact that the statute of limitations has passed gives the producer the ability to go where he might otherwise have been constrained from doing. Well worth a listen.

ini12344 from the United Kingdom
11:59 am (EDT), June 22, 2023
via Apple Podcasts

Want to hear more..

The case, which I’ve never heard about before this podcast, has me very intrigued. The Swiss countryside in the early ‘80s as a setting is very unique and provides a fascinating juxtaposition to the crime itself. While it is sad that the COVID pandemic prevented this story from being made into a documentary, the narrator does a fantastic job transporting you to the scene and presenting you with the facts. From the beginning, he establishes the peculiarity of the case without any unnecessary dramatization. The tone is exceptionally enhanced by V. Isler’s musical contributions that subtly add to the story’s overall feel. The only frustration that comes to mind is the weekly wait for the next chapter. Going online and learning about the conclusion to this real-life case would be a disservice to what promises to be an excellent listen. Looking forward to the next episode.

SimonZkc88 from Germany
7:12 am (EDT), June 20, 2023
via Apple Podcasts

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