Season 2 – The Seewen Murder Mystery

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A gripping true crime podcast delving into Switzerland’s most talked-about and perplexing murder case. Five family members ruthlessly murdered in cold blood, executed with chilling precision. Shot at point-blank range in the forehead, none of the victims resisted or attempted to escape. This crime bears a haunting resemblance to a Mafia contract killing, and its motives continue to elude the police, shrouded in mystery to this day.

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Episode 1, Out in the green

On July 7, 1976 a 28 year old daughter finds her parents and aunt along with her two sons murdered at her father’s weekend cabin in the Swiss countryside. All five victims showing at least one bullet hole in the forehead, hence were shot at point blank range. Apparently none tried to escape or intervene. Thirteen shell casings were found at the scene of the crime. The couple’s car, that the murderer/s used to escape, was located the same day 30 km away. The couple’s son (20) became the prime suspect. Yet neither a motive nor the murder weapon could be found.

Media – Episode 1, Out in the green



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